Who’s Aging? Not we Boomers!

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but the Baby Boomers in New Zealand are very ‘Baby Boomer Girl-like’ –  as we completely disregard aging and all spiritual wisdom in the exhilarating current of our ego’s last grasp at youthfulness!

You’re not ready to ‘sit down?’ – did enough of that in your childhood? You sat down even as a teenager, knuckling down to study and all that? You sat down, (metaphorically – tho wished it were physically), as a parent, dedicating yourself to not only raising good little citizens, but also trying to be one, as a good role model?

If that’s you,  and your wonderful kids are establishing their own lives, you are ready to break out –  ’empty nest’ syndrome behind you. Or, like me, you might be breaking out of a struggling marriage and ‘finding yourself’.

We’re even falling in love again (I met mine on the internet).  My man has been the inspiration for another break out – a flood of writing – 34 songs  in 6 months. New love lights the fuse – and gets the muse out of bed every time!

The point is, it is SO nice to be released again into full energy & enthusiasm mode.  And it seems that we boomers don’t even need cupid as a catalyst. Many boomers are determined to live it up. We chorus “It’s time to enjoy life, party, have fun.  It’s time to get fit and have a life at last, now we don’t have to work 16 hours a day…

Looking in the mirror creates some degree of tension – between a strange, wrinkled-looking image that couldn’t possibly be ‘me’, and the 20 year old inside that definitely IS.

Fifty + (… and I’ve just turned 60 …), has just got to be time of note in one’s life.  I wonder; is it documented in some authoritative book on the stages of adult development?  I open the topic … what are your thoughts? What does the 20 yr old in you want to say about life?


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10 responses to “Who’s Aging? Not we Boomers!

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog — you’re giving voice to many, many women. My favorite line lately is, “I’m 59 and I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.” It’s the exploration that’s so much fun.

    Keep up the good writing!

    Elizabeth Cottrell

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  6. Robert Innes

    Never time to mow the lawn
    “cause the grass does not grow under my feet
    The roses they will bloom again
    And never smelt so sweet

  7. Brenda/Canada

    Well…you certainly captured where I am this year. Transitioning to “I’m not sure what” but sure ready for it. My “self” has been so buried by the various things in life that we experience as women. There is a 30 year old full of joy starting to peak out again. I feel it best to keep the 20 year old in me tucked inside where it will stay out of trouble! Right now, it’s about getting fit, trying escape the 16 hours of work a day and seeing what the world has to offer me.

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