I’m a Boomer not a Senior!


About time I posted some of my song lyrics, eh …
Here’s one I wrote after recovering from shock at being asked at the ticket-booth,  “Are you a senior?”  That life-changing experience was in the merry month of May… I’m totally keeping on top of re-henna-ing my hair since then and luckily no one has dared ask me that question again!

R u a Senior?
© 2009, Radha Sahar

Got a new outfit – hotpants and tights
My honey says “You look sexy tonight”
We go to the movies – high, on a roll
The ticket-booth girl thinks I’m not a young doll
She says

“R U a Senior?”  Hell – what a shock!
Maybe I am, and maybe I’m not
Am I a Senior? Is she deranged?
I’m thirty inside! There’s no way I’ve changed!

I must’ve looked pale. I almost dropped dead
I couldn’t believe what that ticket-girl said
She was just being kind as a discount applied
But not enough to restore my pride

R U a Senior? I can’t believe
I look like a pensioner!  I am so peeved
My man sees me flinch. I’m tense, on my guard
He graciously flashes the requisite card

The discount placates me – a bit of a laugh
But really, these places should train all their staff
To protect people’s egos. ‘Adult’ sounds right
Identify Seniors by card, not by sight

R U a Senior? Runs through my head
A mind-numbing mantra – a question I dread
Am I a Senior seniỏr, or a girl?
I’ll happily settle for the best of both worlds:
A playfully cheeky, eccentric, young crank
One you cannot cross, coz she can pull rank!

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6 responses to “I’m a Boomer not a Senior!

  1. Ed

    What a lovely song. Humility in the honesty, and cheekiness in the defiant attitude. Sounds like a good angle to take in most things I would say.

  2. Yana

    Isn’t it marvelous that we can feel all the ages we have been! I enjoy your lyrics, fun, gracious, witty, telling us about that richness and sweetness of being fully alive as well as the overwhelm… Looking forward to more about that theme. Also about growing older all together at the same time…..Love, love, love

  3. Kay

    I just loved this one. I could so relate to it. Keep creating Radha – abfab!

  4. Even younger out there in the daffodils!

  5. Senior? To an 85 year old we’re just silly young things! I like the fact that you feel 30 inside – how old do you feel when you’re outside?

  6. I’d love to see your new “outit”!
    Very cute song.

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