Senior Moments?

Baby Boomer Girl 087 Dunno ’bout you, but remembering how much I forget things, I remembered to write a song about forgetting.  We don’t have ‘senior moments’ do we! – Nah!  It’s the world that’s the problem – too fast a pace.  With our social networks expanding to global proportions, how can we be expected to remember everyones’ name? – let alone where we put our glasses …

I Won’t Forget You
© Radha Sahar, September 2009

I forgot my list. I forgot my phone
So I can’t call & tell you I’ll be late comin’ home
I forgot and locked my keys in the car
I know I’m crazy, but there you are …

I forgot Mark’s birthday, forgot his wife’s name
I’ve known them for years – how could I? Shame!
I forgot my password – don’t have a clue
But I tell ya baby – I won’t forget you

You’re in my mind, you are all I see
You’re in my heart, you’re a part of me
You’re stored in my aura
I love ya through and through
I won’t forget you

I forgot the stove was still on high
The meal’s burnt – hope it’s not on fire!
I forgot the time. It worries me, true
But I tell ya baby – I won’t forget you

You forgot our anniversary – that’s hard to forget
My memory’s selective I suppose, and yet
I forgot to forgive you – when push comes to shove
I’ll forget I forgot, so don’t worry love

I forgot the shopping, honey, then at dinner
I forgot my resolve – let’s forget being thinner!
Let’s forget to remember all the things we have to do
As I show you baby how I won’t forget you

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11 responses to “Senior Moments?

  1. Yana

    A bit overwhelming for me to have all these episodes compacted in one song! Yes, I have these moments daily too – tho there must be millions of other things we remember in between….I enjoy how you reassure your loved one. Would like a bit more of that… another verse re all that you love and the space you are making to be creative?
    Tho it could become quite long….
    I marvel at the space you are creating from/in/through. Love that foto with you, your artwork and your sweetheart with his camera!

  2. lawrie

    This why I have a list
    and carry my phone number in my wallet
    An item on my list is memory
    But I can never find it in
    the supermarket
    Hunched shoulders and raised palms
    Signal yet again I have forgotten
    What it was I was talking to you about
    Its a creative skill Baby Boomers develop
    To amuse the other alphabetical generations
    Who find it so – amusing
    It’s enjoyable to make others laugh

  3. Hi Radha,

    Like Andrew says, I too would like to hear you sing this song.
    Hopefully this will be soon.

    I’ll introduce you to a very creative lady on twitter who’s blog is feast to my eyes.

    Maybe you’ll like her blog too. You’re creative too.
    I’m not, but I like creative people.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Georgia Parnell

    Hi… so glad I found you too! Love your Blog! I added your link and I’m happy for you to add mine.


  5. The lyrics entice me to hear the other parts of the song – i.e. the rhythm, music and to see you sing! Hopefully this will be soon.

    Best wishes,


  6. You are not alone. I had really nice things to say about this lyric but I can’t remember what they were…

  7. Charles

    Which lot of lyrics am I responding too?
    Damn, don’t want to push the ‘go back’ button – is that what it is called?
    Remembered, doesn’t matter – I loved them both!
    See, I can even respond when I am on my own!

  8. Fantastic uplifting stuff baby!!!

    You really are a boomer – just keep booming and blooming!

    Onward and Upward!

    Love from us….


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