Free Anti-Wrinkle Treatment


It’s time to ‘bah-humbug’ the traditional idea of aging.  The ultimate anti-wrinkle treatment is free!!!! With only a song-line knowledge of physics there’ll be no more ‘down hill’ for you – just the upward spiral.  You won’t care a hoot about those increasing creases.  After all, who needs creams and potions when you can laugh in the face of gravity?

© Radha Sahar, February 2009

Good old Newton had a flash
Evolved the idea, gave it a bash
Wrote it on paper for all to see
And now we have the theory of gravity
What was firm is not so sound
What stayed up must come down
Look at great grandma and you will see
The long term effect of gravity

Gravity, gravity – It’s all happening to you & me
Everything’s falling down, you see, my fair lady!

What was tight is growing slack
Y’ want your youthful figure back
Hormones, botox and breast reduction
Face lift, tummy lift, liposuction
Work – meanwhile y’ can’t go wrong
Uplifting the lot in dance and song!
Forget the lines and sing with me
We’ll laugh in the face of gravity

Gravity, gravity – It’s all happening to you & me
Even your gynecology, my fair lady!

Now Newton’s in a grave situation
Physicists across the nation say
Our subatomic essence is totally free
Beyond the pull of gravity!

Quantum physics says that face
Consists of little – mainly space
Celebrate! It could be worse
Your essence is the universe!
So why not entertain this truth
And drink from the quantum fountain of youth?
Dance and sing triumphantly
And laugh in the face of gravity!

Gravity, gravity – don’t mean nothin’ essentially
Laugh and sing triumphantly, my fair lady!

Free Download: Gravity


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6 responses to “Free Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

  1. Mysterious Donor

    You are the best thing since bifocals. Let me send you a million dollars ….

  2. hello,

    Thank you for the great quality of your blog, each time i come here, i’m amazed.

    black hattitude.

  3. angela

    its beyond me….men that is… of the mysteries of life …….right up there with inflation and suction!!!

    Radha….your lyrics make me laugh and its so good for my soul!

    BRING IT ON!!!

  4. Brenda/Canada

    Just when you have life and happiness figured out, many of us are tricked by the media into thinking that we aren’t beautiful as gravity take its natural course. Some of the things women do to their bodies to defy gravity and feel attractive are barbaric! I don’t understand how men are attracted to bodies they know are inflated with silicone and/or deflated through suction. What’s that about?

  5. Those happening aunts of yours must have been masters of enjoyment & laughter! Inspiring. Thanks for the rap!

  6. Great Song again Radha,

    I tried to rap with it.(LOL)
    I see my grey hair as something I’ve earned.

    My mother died when I was 10 years old girl, she was still a young woman. I’m so grateful I lived to become 61 and hope to live longer. (much longer than my mother did)

    Two years ago I went to parties (there were several parties) for an aunt who turned 100 and she had her 104 years old sister in a chair next to her. While we all were feasting and dancing, and celebrating their lives, these two old ladies sat there proudly and enjoyed everything. How cool is that?

    My aunt is now 102, she also had an older sister who lived to be 106 before she passed away.

    Your very creative Radha, You’re good with words.

    BTW, Thanks for visiting my blog and leave a comment. My blog is evolving in a nice conversational blog.

    Keep up the creative work.

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