Baby Boomer Girl (the song)


At last my single and signature song, Baby Boomer Girl, is out on the Won’t Sit Down label. You’ll be able to hear it on my MySpace page soon, and on YouTube when the video is done. You can now purchase it from most MP3 download sites – (iTunes, Amazon, eMusic etc) – get your dancing shoes on …

This is my signature song, sharing my life story: that is also the life story of many baby boomer women. Here are the lyrics – plus you can download them, below, if you’d like to print them out …

Baby Boomer Girl
© Radha Sahar Feb. 2009

Sixty years ago, burst into the world
Grew to be a sweet, compliant little girl
Seventeen years fitting in well, then
Woodstock shook me – had to rebel

I say “No! I won’t sit down!
I say “Go to the edge of the world”
I say “No!” I go Boom! Boom! Boom!
I’m a baby boomer girl

Beardos, wierdos, chemical highs, then
Motherhood tamed me. Years flew by
Where did they go? Hello Gran! – Yes
A little bit’a mutton, but a whole lotta lamb!


Women are mature, girls have fun
Women sit & walk, girls strut & run
Women analyse, girls laugh & play
I was a feminist so I can be a girl today

I’m a boom, I’m a chick. I’m a chicka chicka boom
I’m a boom, I’m a chick. I’m a boom boom      x3

Gonna Boom! Boom! Boom! on the radio
Take the world by storm on video
Gonna rage in a rock band, misbehave
Gonna dance to my coffin and sing in my grave!

I say “No! I won’t sit down!
I say “Go to the edge of the world”
I say “No!” I go Boom! Boom! Boom!
I’m a baby boomer girl
I’m a Boom! Boom! Boomer Girl!

Free Download – Baby Boomer Girl Lyrics


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12 responses to “Baby Boomer Girl (the song)

  1. Hilary Swenson

    Great article. Waiting for you to continue the topic.

    Hilary Swenson
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  2. Love your blog, BBG. I am right there with ya on exploding out of middle-aged responsibility and back into baby boomer me. There must be something in the air, I suspect there are a lot of us out there, sniffing the sweet smell of freedom. I have only begun my first few blogs, but I suspect we are going to be great blog buddies.

  3. Hello BBG,

    When do you expect your song to be on Youtube?
    I’ve been looking for it, I can’t find it yet.

    Please keep me posted with a DM on twitter then I can RT it for you.

    Have a nice week.
    Greetings and a virtual hug from Blogging Baby Boomer in the Netherlands.


    • Ah -ah – YouTube – still heaps of work to go on the video … At this stage the dancers have only just started work on the choreography. So it’ll be a month or two – or maybe even three, since the Christmas break will stall filming.

      BUT the good news is that the music will be out in a few days time – I have the physical single and tee shirt here for people wanting hard copies, and I’m just waiting for the email confirming it’s up on iTunes, etc (no point in people hearing it, all fired up wanting to play it over & over and they can’t download it!). I’ll be posting triumphantly any minute, so to speak – can’t wait. Be prepared – it’s a loud, raging dance track – none of this sitting around being nice!

      Glad you’re looking forward to it and thanks for asking, my Twister and fellow Blogging Baby Boomer.
      PS Twister is what I call my Twitter sisters

  4. camelia (lovenunrg)

    I love the lyrics! Boom Boom Boom puts in the B.E.PEAS Tune… Great life story, we have the right to be young, love it!

  5. Nice! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

    • Hi Michael Thank you for your enthusiasm for my blog – WordPress sent your comment straight into the spam filter, as it contained a link promoting your own site – just send comments next time … I see yr respect in asking permission to take part of my post to your blog, but, visiting your site, I can’t see at all how my post relates … ? .Could u give me a bit more info? Cheers – Radha

  6. Hey Radha,

    You really mean business. Great! I surely will go to Youtube to see and hear it and tweet about it for you too.

    Put the info on my blog and tell other BabyBoomers about it.

    This weekend I’m planning to launch a new post on my blog and I’ll try to tell people about it.
    I’ll see how I’ll get it in my post.

    You enjoy your weekend.
    I saw your tweet last night and I’ve sent you one back. Did you see it?


  7. Thanx Bryony, Aussie Chick & xtra Groovy Grandma! … And to my Berlin fashion-designer daughter! (yes, I’m a proud mum too – it’s Ratna’s RU Precious label skirts I wear on this site) …
    Yours with a hoot & a toot …

  8. You are a hoot!
    Can’t wait for the video.
    I will be broadcasting it to all my girlfriends in Berlin for sure, and saying this is my Mum in New Zealand!
    Love you so much.

  9. Hi BBG
    Cant wait to hear this and see on Youtube. Will embed to my site as soon as I can.
    You Go Girl
    xxx Soul Sister and Groovy Grandma

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