Baby Boomer Girl Single is Out!

Baby Boomer Girl - the Single.

One single track with enough  fun energy to send you to the moon …

To listen or purchase go to the Get the Music page (top menu bar), where you can download the song and make a donation directly to the artist via Paypal.

I wrote Baby Boomer Girl around my 60th birthday;  my life story, and many boomers’ life stories, are reflected in it. So it’s a great gift for anyone with attitude,  a 60th birthday, anyone celebrating life as a baby boomer …

Want the lyrics too? Click to download free – Baby Boomer Girl
Visit the Song List page for more lyric sheets ...

I hope you have hours of fun dancing to the single – (will prevent tummy-spread – but DO spread the joy!


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6 responses to “Baby Boomer Girl Single is Out!

  1. Brenda

    Your little brother was right – I do love your song! I particularly like the reference that you became a feminist so that you could be a girl now.

    By the way, I checked out your art installation and it is fabulous. Wish I could see it in person. Not coming to Canada any day soon is it?

    • Glad you like the Baby Boomer girl single, Brenda – I hope you have much ongoing pleasure dancing to it with ‘the girls’!

      Re my art installation – it toured here, but I didn’t submit it to galleries overseas – sorry – I would love you to experience it. There is a connection though; two Canadians participated in my exhibition opening. They purchased a work, which was freighted to Canada for their private collection.

      Thank you for following my antics Brenda – blog-comment dialogues offer new opportunities for friendships based on mutual interests – yey technology!

  2. Wow enjoyed reading this article. I added your rss to my google reader!

  3. Hi BBG
    The single is GREAT! – and I’m a Baby Boomer Boy! – so I figure all those compatriot BBGs of yours are going to be dancing and singing full voice, aging disgracefully and living life to the max…
    More please.

  4. Congrattulations Radha.
    I never bought music via Itunes.
    This will be my first time.

    Lots of success with it.

    • Thanks Deana. I hope iTunes goes well for you – you have to download the software – iTunes itself onto your computer first so I hope that goes well. You don’t need any software to buy it from Amazon – but I think the download purchasing only operates for now in the USA & maybe Japan … I’m working on being able to sell MP3 downloads here from my blog, which should be easier – currently trying to get my head around all the technology & codes!

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