Free Food

Free Food ImageThanks for your feedback on Have a Body Like an Avatar Alien, below. Part 2 is coming, exploring food on planet Pandora – evidently it’s all free! That got me thinking …

If you live in a privileged country, you’re noticing how much Free food is appearing: dairy free, sugar free, meat free, gluten free, fat free, salt free and just about anything-free except for ‘pay-for-it’ free – unless your little Pandora-style vege garden is thriving, you Avatar you! Going dairy free has helped your singing voice, but overall, Free food doesn’t seem to be making you any slimmer.  Your Avatar body is taking longer to manifest than you’d hoped.

It seems you’re on a plateau, and the plateaus on Planet Pandora are extremely fecund – ripe crops, rich harvests, nuts, seeds, fruits & vegetables …  far too much delicious Free stuff you just have to try. The gluten-free orange & almond cake was the ultimate! It is even flour free.

Mind you, the Na’vi don’t eat refined flour, gluten free or not, because of  its strange effects; they gain weight, (whoever heard of that?), and their beautiful blue skin goes pale.  On Earth, some gluten free flours are highly refined – (corn, potato, white rice flour, and wheat-flour with just about everything removed). None of that for the Na’vi.  They exercise their molars on a huge variety of whole grains, refining only to ‘stone grinder’ level. So much for that paste-y gluten-free cake!

You’re back on the ups & downs of the ongoing-learning curve. Life is for living. Love is for giving. You are stirred into great acts of humanity, like clicking website links to donate food to the poor – after all there is not a food problem on planet Earth, only a distribution problem. After a few link clicks you even start giving real food away,  eating less so others can have more. This magnanimous gesture will help you attain your Avatar body faster, and the compliments will start flooding in.

Meanwhile, I’m inspired: the Na’vi want me to write a ‘Free Food’ song  … Time to get my pen …



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6 responses to “Free Food

  1. Dear Radha,
    You’ve won a pay-it-forward blog award! You can claim it at: Sunshine Blog Award – 😉 Woohoo for you!

  2. Radha, What can I say. I enjoyed your post and as a good friend of mine says on his blog. “There’s a wealth of useful content in the comments on many posts. ”

    Your post is very informative, creative and good and so are the comments so far.

    By the way I enjoyed your interview Elizabeth had with you on her blog. Great to read all this information about and from you.

  3. Brenda

    Fun song Radha! Got me thinking about my mothers’ cooking…let’s just say she was English and that about says it all. I was sadly very indulged food wise as a child and allowed far too much toast and chocolate milk for breakfast! My aunt ran an authentic fish & chip shop in town and there we indulged on the most wonderful fries in the world, washed down with cream soda. Great fun at the time, but it’s a lifetime of bad habits to change! But one step at a time and much smaller indulgences as you say.

    I was just in the US last week and am always amazed at the obesity, particularly of children. Seeing little girls in their new Easter dresses with rolls of fat over their little socks, double the weight they should be for their age and a macdonalds burger in their chubby little hands. I particularly feel bad for this current generation of children who are being raised by parents who do not seem to have any skills in preparing a meal – nutritious or otherwise.

    • My heart goes out to those kids too, Brenda – it’s not their fault their health is doomed from the start. And the majority of our world population is starving. The amazing link is that both sectors are undernourished – calories do not equate to nutrition … Being surrounded by over-abundance all I can do is try to take less for myself, but ensure that what I do take is nourishing … not easy when chocolate covered ginger is beckoning!

  4. Yeah finding a to balance our indulgences and our commitments, is a lifelong learning!
    Letting go and letting be is often what helps the health of our Spirit the most. Once we know what is healthy for us and what we can get away with, we just need to allow ourselves to go with it! If we stress too much or try too hard or beat ourselves up for that peice of cake or candy, we only make it hard. But how does one help it?

  5. Radha chooses the best subjects to blog about and then does her very special treatment to make her writings witty and unique. Yes! You will be smiling after reading a few of these blogs!

    I do want to mention that every time the bathing suits got tinier and tinier with less and less fabric, I could not understand how the price of the garment kept rising! Less is more.

    Celebrating #WHAW which means side-effect #FREE

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