Why Trendy People Wear Black


The reason is clear in Baby Boomer Girl’s latest Gothic-rock number – (yes, the pic is me in costume, about to grab my guitar and rage it out with the band).  Black lyrics, below, touch the essence of the black trend.

And you? You just bought a classy new frock, trou, jacket, shirt or boots? Something you know you’re going to look and feel good in? I bet that something is black …

Unless you follow the dictate that white, pastels or specific hues are the only colours ‘spiritual’ people wear, you’re likely to be one of the trendy people who wear black. Black has so much status, and has maintained that status over so many years, it can’t be ousted no matter how much marketers try and hoist their latest fad up onto the pedestal declaring desperately ‘(Such-&-such) is the new black‘. It just never is!

This is such a serious topic I hope you’ll have your say.  Do you ‘wear the uniform?’ Being such a hot, sweaty colour, is black cool? What percentage of your wardrobe is black? Do you think Baby Boomer Girl looks good in a black wig? Readers look forward to your comments on the social phenomenon that is Black …


© Radha Sahar 2010

Black as jet, black as night
Colour’s wrong, black is right
Black magic at witching hour
Black has balls. Black has power
Gothic girl, Dracula drools
Vampire black, very cool
A Mahler Symphony, a bouncer, a waiter
Not in black? Then see ya later

We buck the system, refuse to conform
But we choose to wear the uniform
A sea of people on the street
Black from their heads
To their burdened urban feet

Black – gives strength to your hair
Black – makes your stomach disappear
Black –  you look thin as a twig!
Black – makes your eyes look big
Black – makes you graduate prouder
Black –  makes your stereo louder
Black – it’s bold and testy
Black – makes your underwear sexy! Black

I bet ya you have never seen
Johnny Cash or Iggy Pop in pink or green
Black leather boots. Black spinning vinyl
Black undertaker – Black is final
Top to toe in formals and burkas
Artists, designers and office workers
Wear that black – it’s a guarantee
That you’ll be taken seriously

Black – makes your limo longer
Black – singlets make you stronger
Black – makes your hard drive harder
Black – prunes make you regular
Black –  makes your tyres turn quicker
Black – makes your Guinness thicker
Black – makes your banker grin, and
Black – makes the All Blacks win!
Black!   Beautiful black!  Glorious black!
Victorious black!

Download the Lyric-Sheet,  Black



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8 responses to “Why Trendy People Wear Black

  1. My daughter always says ” if you are going to buy inexpensive clothes, choose black”. If you want to be taken seriously, look sexy, feel sexy, black is the color. I do love to wear a really nice white shirt with some stunning jewelry to pull the look together.

  2. I just read your blog and enjoyed it very much. I new to this so I just wanted to stop in and let you know that your blog was inspiring to me. Thank you

  3. I wear black because hardly anything shows on it. I like this site and will come back often! you sing in a band? awesome!!

  4. so true! Black is the perfect color to get away with anything! Makes you look thin, but buff at the same time.

  5. Over-the-top fun! Let’s hear it for Black! Love the photo of you in black. Your site makes me cheer.

  6. I always like to add colour to my life!! LORI 🙂
    Black IS my favourite Colour. LISA 😦

    Great site pretty lady! Come visit us any time at loriandlisa.com


  7. Brenda

    I love black – doesn’t show the dirt as much. I am hopeless when it come to wearing white. You can pick me out of a crowd – I’m the one with the big blotch on the front.

    Black is my quiet rebellion. My mother struggled with me on a daily basis to get me to wear white leotards and a crinolen – black is my quiet revolt….50 years later.

  8. Thank you for your sharing

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