Good Bob Dylan Karma!

There you are, wandering through the mall in wonder: you’ve a few spare minutes – the recession not driving you spare for now. The fast lane giving way to memory lane, wonderful, timeless melodies swirl in your happy little heart …  Bob Dylan is lifting your spirits yet again and you sing along in your mind, gliding through the isles in  shoppers’ trance …  ‘Hey Mr Tambourine Man, play a song for me …  as you pass the music shop,  ‘I shall be released …’ as a billboard promises you lower mortgage rates, and ‘  ‘Forever young …’  as you confidently sweep past three stands of useless, overpriced skin care products.

Pretty well all baby boomers love Bob Dylan – his lyrics, his melodies.  For many, he and Leonard Cohen rank as the lyricists & songwriters of the era along with Joni Mitchell.  So why would Baby Boomer Girl trumpet their glories instead of her own upcoming, stunning album? …  The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind … or maybe in the bath tub – something to do with a plug …

Yep. I’m plugging Bob Dylan this time, and in particualr the new album, Kids Sing Bob Dylan.  And yes, to be honest, I did have a hand in producing it. The good karma aspect? Mine was to be involved – to work with such talent as the kids have – unbelievable!  And to enjoy a deep satisfaction and pride in the result. This is what it looks like on iTunes, Amazon and many other MP3 Download sites. If you’re into your iPod, it’s all there.

We’ve released it in plastic too! – so I’m going to give a little plug about physical CDs … you can give ‘the gift of music’, with a professional-looking package. Who would give the gift of music on a home-burned CD, the title almost illegible in someone’s handwritten scrawl? Sadly, the ‘gift of music’ is in danger of dying out because of this. With a physical CD you have a lovely package; a lasting gift with all the lyrics, who did what on the album, and where your best mate can get one. Plus, would you believe it, physical CDs are sometimes cheaper to purchase than on some download sites in certain countries. Keep you local record shop, and the gift of music, alive!

And your good Bob Dylan karma? To buy it of course! To see the kids in your extended family discovering the Dylan magic – the legacy being passed on.  Say no more. Let the music speak for itself … (click Listen to these Samples)

Happy festive season!

Writing and recording children’s music has been Baby Boomer Girl’s primary occupation for the past 25 years. Working creatively with business partner and friend, David Antony Clark, she has produced many award-winning albums.  Do take a look at them and their terrific website full to the brim with great kids’ albums, free books, and articles. And spread the word; your good karma will triple!

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