Timeless Moments

Rush, rush, rush … it’s crazy; cheap muzac blaring in the mall, cars bumping each other in overcrowded carparks, piles of junk no one actually needs, too many sales people …  insanity.  It’s high time I had a timeless moment.

Radha with Ruby webWhich brings to mind one such moment I experienced with my grand daughter; timelessness refreshing me, opening that moment, and my little grand daughter there in it with me, as a beautiful new beginning.  I wanted to capture this in song so I could relive it over and over. And as a songwriter, my dream is that  somehow my song will transport you in a timeless moment too …

I’d love to hear about a special moment you have experienced – click ‘Comment‘ (below), and tell us about it. That way, if enough readers comment, we’ll all get to enjoy quite a few! Here’s one from me for  starters …

Beautiful New Beginning © Radha Sahar

The summer heat is fading. She says
‘Gran – it’s gardening weather’
We plant some kale and cavalo
Gather the pumpkins in
She’s humming a sweet little song
There’s a feeling of forever
We’ve all we need in a morning fresh and new

This is life how it’s meant to be
Simple contentment and harmony
And if I go tomorrow she’ll remember me
In a peaceful autumn day with not a breath of wind
As a wide blue sky sings
A beautiful new beginning

We come indoors, wash our hands
And while Gran prepares dinner
She draws a picture of the sky
With a rainbow in the corner
The sun is bright in her world
It warms the coming winter
We’re kindred souls together on this earth

This is life how it’s meant to be …

She’s my little pumpkin, now asleep
I gaze at her skin – it seems to glow
She’s snuggled in a soft, pink rug
On the floor beside my bed
There’s a shiver in the air
I pull her covers over
She’ll be going home tomorrow bathed and fed

This is life how it’s meant to be
Simple contentment and harmony
And if I go tomorrow she’ll remember me
In a peaceful autumn day with not a breath of wind
Not a breath …
She is my beautiful new beginning

Beautiful New Beginning (Lyrics)



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3 responses to “Timeless Moments

  1. Hi! It’s been a while. We once communicated through blogs and twitter. Glad ur still out there. I’ve always liked your posts but I’ve been off the net for a few years. I came back on to help my daughter. Which brings me to my request.

    Can you help me share my daughter’s singing career with your readers?

    She’s on youtube at kikidennis25 or search with crystal dennis sings toberu mono and flight of dragons.

    I’m having a difficult time getting youtube hits on it, plus she’s just starting and can use the international exposure. She’s very good and just did a concert. Last month. Can you help? I’d be grateful. Thanks! Kiki

  2. great to see you here again! And a lovely lyric. Lucky you!

    • Thanks Janice. I was also thinking of you when I posted this – my now revealed agenda being ‘I hope Janice will post one of her beautiful ‘grandchild’ poems over summer!’ Cross fingers!

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