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August 2010

Baby Boomer Girl is expanding, “… hopefully not around the hips”, but hip in gathering great fellow musicians to fatten up their great new ‘boomer-rock’ sound. Core members, Radha Sahar, alias the notorious Baby Boomer Girl herself, and Bernard Wells, (electric guitar), were already delighting audiences in ever expanding circles, starting at the Masterton Club in the Wairarapa. Baby Boomer Girl also had a hoot of a time strutting her stuff at the infamous Musicians Club in Whanganui.

Hot young  players Matt Parlane on bass and Evan Williams on drums then joined Radha & Bernard. The expanded sonic expansion swept the crowd off their rockers – (those that had rocking chairs, that is …) – at the full band launch in June.

The band has a theatrical flavour, wacky humour and many unique, new songs – from the slightly outrageous to ‘touching. The BBG News followed their highly successful launch, and will comment a few months on as to what antics they are up to. Watch this space – and meanwhile grab the single and tee shirt from the Get the Music & Tee page!

Image December 11th 2009

Grandmother Becomes World’s First ‘Boomer-Rock’ Star

New Zealand singer/songwriter & grandmother, Radha Sahar, recently rocketed to #1 in the life- fantasy charts as the world’s first ‘boomer-rock’ star.  Sahar’s stage name is Baby Boomer Girl (BBG). The BBG News interviewed her today … (Above) Yes  -that’s the Tee Shirt – you can get one of those too!

BBGNews – How come you’re claiming to invent an entirely new musical genre – surely this is not possible?

BBG  – There’s nothing else like this out there. Record companies are feeding baby boomers’ huge doses of nostalgia – (it’s back catalogue, easy profit & no investment). Fiscal fools like me invest in my dreams. I’m not doing nostalgia. Boomer Rock is about what’s happening now in the crazy lives of baby boomers. Of course we love our fav stars from the past, but who wants to live in memory lane? Now is the best time in my life – and I want new boomer music. Boomer Rock hasn’t happened before, so I”m billing it as a fun new genre.

BBGNews – What characterises Boomer Rock?

BBG – The musical styles vary enormously – rock, pop, comic, slow rock and a few tearjerkers, but the genre itself is defined more by where it’s coming from. It has a kind of theatrical quality – real life drama being lived out in the song. It is triumphant, playful and full of celebration – and it’s youth-angst free!  Boomer Rock oozes mature content. The songs ring with a quality only falling in love at age 60,  or re-inventing our sagging selves, can bring.  Boomers want to live-it-up while we still can, so Boomer Rock is often rebellious & energetic. It also exposes the hopes, dreams & gratitudes of our inner lives.

BBGNews – What are your aspirations for this, your first track?

Infection – I hope the song’s enthusiastic passion for life will spread like a virus, uplifting & empowering it’s victims until they won’t be able to stop smiling. And doors too – I hope it will open them so I can share more from my copious new collection. And of course I aspire to Global Domination, so my music will be a voice for baby boomers everywhere who want a new musical way to celebrate life. I just heard about SSP (shameless self promotion) so I’m jumping in boots and all – (and 4 those of you who like my boots, and want to walk in my shoes, they’re Doc Martins).

Getting back to the music, my single introduces Baby Boomer Girl as a character. She’s a gal who is (r)aging disgracefully; at age 60 living out a life-long dream of being a rock star. The song tells her story – which is also the life story of many baby boomer women.  In the chorus she airs her rebellious attitude in no uncertain terms. Culminating in verse three she yells “I’m gonna rage in a rock band, misbehave. Gonna dance to my coffin and sing in my grave”.

BBGNews – You’re not exactly in your twenties. How do hope to break into the market at this late stage?

BBG – Yes. I know what you mean; society invests all its music funding into teens & twenties bands. My generation had it’s moment in the sun so, to start anything new at this stage we have to self fund. I hope my generation will get behind me. Boomers grew up supporting their favourite artists by purchasing their music – they didn’t free-load as much. So hopefully they’ll continue their honest-purchasing music habits and load up their online trolleys with mine. I hope they’ll identify, want more, and get a kick out of empowering it to happen.

BBGNews – So where to from here?

BBG – Well, after the hairdresser, the beauty parlour, the gym and a hot yoga class, probably a nice meal and a movie. Or I’ll hang out with my gorgeous grandchildren … In the new year we’ll be working on a music video for the track and planning a Baby Boomer Girl stage show.  Plus, there’s the album, and another album … Who knows where the music might take me? Wherever it is, I look forward to a boomer journey.

BBGNews – We will be watching and waiting with baited pen for the next story …

BBG – Thanks. Have a boomer day!

This page will be regularly updated, nonetheless Google Feedburner does not inform email subscribers of updates – just whole new articles.  So do re-visit this page to keep up to date.  Scroll around the blog to enjoy some of my song lyrics … (Gravity, I Won’t Forget You, etc) … then you’ll feel familiar with the songs when you finally get to hear the music –  cheers!

Thanks to Keith Morant for the imaginative & playful concept of The BBG News.  Keith is an international award-winning painter of contemporary art.  View his work at


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    • I found this comment from you in my Spam Filter. I have tried to disable Google Feedburner in favour of the WordPress facility – maybe that was the problem? Please try the RSS again in a week or so. If it does not work, would you kindly contact WordPress, who run my RSS feed? I have found them extremely helpful and communicative – I’m sure they can sort the problem, should I not be able to.

      I was researching Blog Spam, deleting hundreds of comments in my Spam Filter. Common addresses, common themes, including complaints about RSS feeds, and other technical issues, and efforts to get me to publish their websites. I have ‘kindly responded’ – hope it helps. Hope you’re not a spamer – if you are, you’re missing out on enjoying a great blog!!!

  2. i love to feed babies specially when they burp and smile after feeding them ”

  3. Fay

    Radha, I love it! Big smiles all ’round xx

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  5. Thank you for the fun idea of The BBG News Keith; you’re a fountain of creativity … Readers – make sure you check out Keith’s paintings – he’s big internationally.

  6. Great my BBG (boldly beating gravity) girl!
    I will gladly push this site out to women across the planet so – watch this space!

    Well done – a marvellous job – I know it will be an incredible success.

    Love and best wishes….K

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