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Being and Being Bold

‘What are you doing?’ confronts you every time you tweet on Twitter.  Then, in Facebook – ‘What are you doing?’  You start yelling inside, “I’m just being – that’s what I’m doing! – What’s wrong with being?”

You’re just being. You’re being wonderful. You’re being happy. Maybe you’re being sixty, like me – sixty years bold. Like you, I’m just being me and life is wonder-full.

Life crescendos as the sixth decade opens. Being 50 was the best time in life – then. But being sixty is even better – life just keeps getting better!’  A little plot of earth apparent on the horizon just intensifies appreciation and delight in absolutely everything.

Give me a ‘B’  – and put it in front of the word ‘old’.

Give me an “R’ – and put it in front of the word ‘aging’.

There are a few global authorities on being bold. I’ve just decided to join them.  If it means I look like a fool, I’ll be honoured.   I hereby step up and take the official title of ‘ fool’ and ‘bard’ – the whole nine yards! Scroll and enjoy my song lyrics …  and please add your bit – it’s all about us all.  It’s now my solemn duty to make you smile – I take that seriously (and I’m allowed to be serious sometimes too). I’m not a comedian at all. I’m not even going to try. I’m simply going to be me – that should be enough – give me an ‘M’ and an ‘E’ and sit them happily side by side, content just being.

Hmmm – now put that ‘B’ that ‘R’, that ME” all together with a big, delighted whoop of an ‘OO’ in the middle…   and you have BOOMER. Have a boomer life, being you – ya hoo! – (and following this blog of course!!!!).  Hugs.


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Free Anti-Wrinkle Treatment


It’s time to ‘bah-humbug’ the traditional idea of aging.  The ultimate anti-wrinkle treatment is free!!!! With only a song-line knowledge of physics there’ll be no more ‘down hill’ for you – just the upward spiral.  You won’t care a hoot about those increasing creases.  After all, who needs creams and potions when you can laugh in the face of gravity?

© Radha Sahar, February 2009

Good old Newton had a flash
Evolved the idea, gave it a bash
Wrote it on paper for all to see
And now we have the theory of gravity
What was firm is not so sound
What stayed up must come down
Look at great grandma and you will see
The long term effect of gravity

Gravity, gravity – It’s all happening to you & me
Everything’s falling down, you see, my fair lady!

What was tight is growing slack
Y’ want your youthful figure back
Hormones, botox and breast reduction
Face lift, tummy lift, liposuction
Work – meanwhile y’ can’t go wrong
Uplifting the lot in dance and song!
Forget the lines and sing with me
We’ll laugh in the face of gravity

Gravity, gravity – It’s all happening to you & me
Even your gynecology, my fair lady!

Now Newton’s in a grave situation
Physicists across the nation say
Our subatomic essence is totally free
Beyond the pull of gravity!

Quantum physics says that face
Consists of little – mainly space
Celebrate! It could be worse
Your essence is the universe!
So why not entertain this truth
And drink from the quantum fountain of youth?
Dance and sing triumphantly
And laugh in the face of gravity!

Gravity, gravity – don’t mean nothin’ essentially
Laugh and sing triumphantly, my fair lady!

Free Download: Gravity


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Senior Moments?

Baby Boomer Girl 087 Dunno ’bout you, but remembering how much I forget things, I remembered to write a song about forgetting.  We don’t have ‘senior moments’ do we! – Nah!  It’s the world that’s the problem – too fast a pace.  With our social networks expanding to global proportions, how can we be expected to remember everyones’ name? – let alone where we put our glasses …

I Won’t Forget You
© Radha Sahar, September 2009

I forgot my list. I forgot my phone
So I can’t call & tell you I’ll be late comin’ home
I forgot and locked my keys in the car
I know I’m crazy, but there you are …

I forgot Mark’s birthday, forgot his wife’s name
I’ve known them for years – how could I? Shame!
I forgot my password – don’t have a clue
But I tell ya baby – I won’t forget you

You’re in my mind, you are all I see
You’re in my heart, you’re a part of me
You’re stored in my aura
I love ya through and through
I won’t forget you

I forgot the stove was still on high
The meal’s burnt – hope it’s not on fire!
I forgot the time. It worries me, true
But I tell ya baby – I won’t forget you

You forgot our anniversary – that’s hard to forget
My memory’s selective I suppose, and yet
I forgot to forgive you – when push comes to shove
I’ll forget I forgot, so don’t worry love

I forgot the shopping, honey, then at dinner
I forgot my resolve – let’s forget being thinner!
Let’s forget to remember all the things we have to do
As I show you baby how I won’t forget you

Free download – I_Won’t_Forget_You_lyrics


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Empty Nest Blues

AFewLyricsReminiscing about when your babies flew the coop? Or are you in that empty nest right now?  You’re filling the gap with work? Keeping in touch, and in love?  Then take heart;  the broody moodiness can disappear in a fluffy puff of happiness – especially if you  know the right song to sing! Well here it is – I wrote it especially to help you through – or, if you’re already in your new stage, to bring back tender memories.   It’s called the …

Empty Nest Blues
© Radha Sahar, 2009

Seven thousand and seventy days …
( … and this is home for you – always)
You’ve flown the coop! I know you’re over the moon
You breeze on down the open road
My heart was glued to you y’ know
And now it’s come unstuck…hope I see y’ soon

Who’ s got the empty nest blues?
Emptyness blues
My chickadee! You’re gone! What will I do?
It’s all so quiet! So much space!
My heart is spillin’ all over the place
Confess I got the empty nest blues

I’ll get used to it, I guess
I miss the familiar noise and mess
I fluff the cushions, hoover, dust and clean
I’ve got big plans – lots to do
But all I think about is you
I’m a sentimental chook – y’ know what I mean

“This chicken’s crossing the road!” you laughed
As my heart quietly broke in half
I miss the chaos, but I tell ya I miss you more
Strange I’m smilin’ – don’t ask me why
I’m proud you’re ready.  I know you’ll fly!
I blessed you as I finally closed the door

Who’ s got the empty nest blues?
Emptiness blues
My chickadee! You’ve gone! What will I do?
Now don’t you worry – I’m not on the shelf
Got a brand new mission to find myself
You’re smilin’ and encouraging me to
Say goodbye to the empty nest blues!

Free Download – Empty Nest Blues_Lyrics


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I’m a Boomer not a Senior!


About time I posted some of my song lyrics, eh …
Here’s one I wrote after recovering from shock at being asked at the ticket-booth,  “Are you a senior?”  That life-changing experience was in the merry month of May… I’m totally keeping on top of re-henna-ing my hair since then and luckily no one has dared ask me that question again!

R u a Senior?
© 2009, Radha Sahar

Got a new outfit – hotpants and tights
My honey says “You look sexy tonight”
We go to the movies – high, on a roll
The ticket-booth girl thinks I’m not a young doll
She says

“R U a Senior?”  Hell – what a shock!
Maybe I am, and maybe I’m not
Am I a Senior? Is she deranged?
I’m thirty inside! There’s no way I’ve changed!

I must’ve looked pale. I almost dropped dead
I couldn’t believe what that ticket-girl said
She was just being kind as a discount applied
But not enough to restore my pride

R U a Senior? I can’t believe
I look like a pensioner!  I am so peeved
My man sees me flinch. I’m tense, on my guard
He graciously flashes the requisite card

The discount placates me – a bit of a laugh
But really, these places should train all their staff
To protect people’s egos. ‘Adult’ sounds right
Identify Seniors by card, not by sight

R U a Senior? Runs through my head
A mind-numbing mantra – a question I dread
Am I a Senior seniỏr, or a girl?
I’ll happily settle for the best of both worlds:
A playfully cheeky, eccentric, young crank
One you cannot cross, coz she can pull rank!

Free Download – R U a Senior? Lyrics


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Boomer Music Industry

Was browsing an American Baby Boomer site – Aging Hipsters – and came across a link to an interesting article by Jeff Leeds  in the New York Times – titled Rock of Ages.  Scrolling through, I picked out the stuff on music industry trends – you might be interested ..

“The graying of the music market crept up on America. Even during the ascent of Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys in the late 1990s, when teen sensations were getting all the attention, consumers 45 and older were the industry’s biggest market, according to survey data compiled by the Recording Industry Association of America. The gap has only widened since then. Last year fans 45 and older accounted for 25.5 percent of sales, while older teenagers (a group more prone to music piracy) represented less than 12 percent. So it’s little wonder that Rod Stewart’s raspy remakes of pop standards emerged as a franchise, or that Bob Dylan in September captured the No. 1 spot on the Billboard chart for the first time in 30 years.

The trick is that conventional marketing techniques don’t always work with this group (if they work with anyone anymore). Older listeners don’t have much interest in traditional commercial radio, which targets children and young adults, as do TV channels like VH1 and MTV. And they don’t spend much time in traditional record stores.  [ … ]

But perhaps the most surprising results have been online, where the over-50 set accounted for almost 24 percent of the industry’s Internet sales, according to NPD Group, a market-research company.

While these consumers didn’t grow up with the Internet, they have grown comfortable with using it, at least to order CDs if not download music in digital form. All of that helps account for why Amazon.com’s recent Top 10 included Mr. Bennett’s hit “Duets: An American Classic” CD, the new collaboration from J. J. Cale and Eric Clapton, and holiday albums from James Taylor and Bette Midler, while over at iTunes, the best sellers were rap hits from the Game, Akon and the pop-punk band Plus-44.”


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Baby Boomers and Internet Dating

Are you a Baby Boomer Girl with born-again enthusiasm for life and love?  If you’ve been through the mill with broken marriages, you can now, thanks to the internet find yourself a wonderful new relationship; if you’ve got similar karma to me, an even better relationship than any you’ve ever known.  There’s no way I would have met my man outside of the internet, even though we live in the same city. I’ll share my story – and look forward to hearing yours …

I wasn’t alone as a ‘mature person’ exploring internet dating.  I saw page after page of boomers there, and heard, in real life, of many successful matches made.  Once I had orientated myself to the whole process I could see why this new cyber-approach makes sense.  I’m now a booming advocate for internet dating, for people of all ages.

First of all I presumed I’d better take advice from generation X. But it didn’t turn out that way.  Having thought young women around my daughter’s age (early thirties), would be experienced internet daters, I found a surprising number ignore the new trend. They keep date casually, hoping the one of the one night stands might develop into something long-lasting.  Reading beneath their jovial, confident exteriors I see, instead,  their need to meet a serious mate growing to almost desperate proportions.  So of course, I start evangelising.

Why would you stand a much greater chance of meeting Mr or Ms Right on the net than out there in the world?  It’s simple. It’s the best of both worlds – the old and the new. Internet dating is actually a cross between two traditional extremes: arranged marriage, and ‘falling in love’ – ‘across a crowded room’ – i.e. coming together as a result of chemical attraction.

I know you’ve got an open mind or you wouldn’t be reading this article. So lets put aside the popular Western ‘pohh-hoo’ of arranged marriage, to at least extract the plus aspects.  A great positive with arranged marriage is the comprehensive, objective way a large number of possible contenders are considered. The internet is fantastic for this, on a good site, providing masses of detailed information on truckloads of people; you can literally screen dozens of would-bes, deleting most of them, until you find a few people you want to check out: you can already see they’ve got similar interests and values and you like the look of their photo.  (I found all the guys I met were nice people –  99% of the time, as soon I saw them in person, I knew ‘this is not the one’.  But at least I’d had a dating experience).

The whittling-down process behind you, you now follow, in ‘Western’ tradition,  your heart – or to pit it more bluntly, physical attraction.  You can now seal your fate…  It was a long time before I found a man I felt good being with.  But I still reckon the likelihood of finding one is far greater than looking in pubs, clubs, etc, or joining walking groups or singles groups, when you wouldn’t do that kind of thing in normal life, –  (even if you do, do you really think you’ll meet him or her there?).

I reckon internet dating success rates are higher because, like arranged marriages, you study lots of prospective people, (without them even knowing), to glean important basic ‘compatibility’ information about their values, looks,  lifestyle and other factors important to you in a mate.  Then you get to meet up with them knowing they are looking for a partner.  If there’s a bit of a spark, all you need to do is to be on the alert for a while, so you can decide if he or she is a genuine, honest person.

Lots of people scoff at internet dating, presuming that only people who can’t find anyone in ‘real’ life turn to the net – people with no appeal, liars, sleeze bags, addicts,  perverts, no-hopers, etc.  No doubt there are some of them there too … life’s like that.  But all the prospective men I selected to meet from Find Someone were nice, genuine guys.  I had been concerned about men who tell lies in their internet profiles, wanting an illicit affair;  sure, they’re there.  But the real surprise was finding so many women lying! They often lie about their age or their weight!  (yes – I happened to know some of them).  So you do need to allow for the same range of characters you find in ‘real’ life.  The best way to find someone genuine is to be genuine yourself.  Be honest and straight up – and post a recent head & shoulders photo in your profile (obviously a flattering one!).  I was thrilled to find truth in the old saying ‘like attracts like’.

You might just want to have a fling or a weekend lover, and the internet is helpful in that department too – when people are honest about what they are looking for I’ve no problem with that.  Many Baby Boomers today celebrate their rebelliousness and love of life.  We’re now free to experience love and sex from a joyful, more non-attached place (and u don’t even have to be on the pill!!!).  But the irony is that many more seem to be wondering if they’ll ever have any more sensuous adventures – currently living a solitary life looking back on broken marriages and wondering ‘where to from here?’

“Get thee straight to the internet” I sayeth!  I found a wonderful mate (or more correctly, he found me).  I had been seriously on the net for around 8 months before Mr Right came along – so be patient.  A year on, we’re flinging ourselves into love, life & laughter in sheer happiness – and at this age, who cares what cynics think?  So I hope you go for it too!   And those of you who have experienced internet dating, what was it like for you?


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Fun in the studio

David Radha & GeoffNOVEMBER: The single is out – yey! I can’t wait to get onto the next one; I’m working on chord charts for all my songs in preparation, as I’m not sure what song we’ll tackle next … (you can help us here – check out the Have a Say i What Song I Record Next article). Meanwhile, I’ll leave October, below as a happy memory …  Bother – I should have left September too …

Working on kids songs in the studio at present – a new dance series, plus I’m composing and recording some songs to help children learn to read.

OCTOBER 8th: Recording complete – now on to mixing and mastering … not long now till it will be on line. OK, it’s not the whole album yet – just the single but, being my signature song,  Baby Boomer Girl it’s a good opening theme. Thanks to Ari & Lynley for a fun BV session and we look forward to wroking with you again – we’ll get a shot of you in action next time!

Meanwhile here’s  David Antony Clark (left), sound engineer, Geoff Duncan and I in this shot when Geoff launched into several layers of power-electric guitar –   Geoff, you’re great! And so is Evan Williams, my wonderful drummer.  Moving into the mixing now …


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