Kia Ora from my home country, New Zealand, where I find constant inspiration to write, record, and perform my songs. I also love performing Joni Mitchell songs on acoustic guitar.

In the studio, I’m currently working with guitarist and engineer, Steve Poulton, recording a series of albums, and singles, as Magic & Mischief.  I enjoy working on various other recording projects with my long-term business partner, engineer, David Antony Clark. My name is Radha Sahar – Baby Boomer Girl is a fun-loving musical sub-persona.

I write whatever genre my lyric dictates – rock, comic, slow rock, ballads, jazz …  from playful through to reflective, and for various age groups. You can find my music on all major streaming & download sites. For those who like something in our hands, my albums on CD are distributed by Marbecks in Auckland.

With David, I co-own UCA Music, an indie NZ record company specializing in children’s music. (World Peace Music Award, two Tuis in the NZ Music Industry awards, and Honorable Mention in the ISC (International Songwriting Competition, Nashville). It was rewarding to learn that music David and I created has exceeded a hundred million downloads.

In the visual arts, I paint when I can, and am honoured to  have two artworks in the NZ Parliamentary collection.

I wish you well.

16 responses to “About

  1. Kia Ora Lia – thanks for this info. I was musical director of Kiwi Kidsongs, & wrote several songs in the series. But Bad Hair Day, was written by John Phillips. I don’t know how to contact him, but I imagine he’d like to know. Sometimes a song takes off … there are some great songs in the series, which celebrates our Aotearoa/NZ identity. Nice one!

  2. lia

    I don’t know if you still regularly check this blog but the “Bad hair day” Kiwi Kidsong has started to blow up on TikTok, with regular people and even online celebrities using the audio, and has become a source of pride for many New Zealanders who grew up with your music in school. I’m sure we’d all appreciate it if you could get in touch and maybe reveal more details about it.

  3. I have noticed you don’t monetize your website …

  4. Annie

    You are an inspiration!!

  5. Just listening to your radio slot, and your choice of music. Bob Dylan mmmm I love the melodic line. I love your focus on youth music.

  6. I will be following you. You go girl! Way to go! I can relate.

  7. Biverly

    Love the Blog.

    Baby boomers started the notion of more liberal societies – many of us have been too busy providing love and stability for our families to carry it further.

    Well the children are all grown up now, so its back to our special time then.
    Yeay – keep up the blog, I love it.

  8. Hi~
    Just discovered your blog! You seem to be having a great time with it.
    I am also a Baby Boomer, 54 in a couple of months!
    I live in the US. I am an Esthetician and a Pilates Instructor. I also have a blog, it’s very new. It is about skin care and wrinkles, how to figure out what to do and not do in terms of looking your freshest best.
    I am going to bookmark this blog! I’ll come back when I have a decent amount of time to devote to discovering your music, and you.
    So, see you later… oh, I will look you up on Twitter!
    Jeffrie Ann

  9. Cherllisha

    Hi Rada
    Reading your babyboomergirl blog is like busting out of a dark winter into an orange and yellow spring. Internet dating sounds like a universal adventure
    Cherllisha Silva

  10. Robert Innes

    Good to hear how you are doing. All the very best with this new venture. Dreams of Flying and Touch still rate as two of my most loved cds.


    Rob and Ayleen

  11. Mira

    Hello dear aunty,

    so nice to hear you are happy in love and life, I am too could not be happier awaiting the next step which is inevitably marriage and children. Every cloud has a silver lining should your marriages not have failed you would have never met your internet hunk its funny how the universe has our lives planned out beyond our control.
    Love to you xoxox M

  12. Great to meet you Deana – I’m particularly touched by your feeling kinship in being ‘global neighbors’ – I agree – the internet has enabled that to explode!

    I feel a connection to Nederland since, when I was a child, I became close friends with a Dutch girl who had just immigrated here and could not speak English. It wasn’t long before we closed the language barrier – her learning English and me, a little Hollands. I wasn’t fluent, could never read or write it, and I’ve pretty much lost it all now. But the affection and connection to the language remains.

    As a child I used to dream/fantasize that I could speak every language in the world. That dream has never left me, deep down; I think it is what drives my inspiration to communicate through music – (it being a sort of universal language). We are one heart.

  13. Babyboomergirl, thank you for visiting my blog.
    Yes I do follow you back on twitter.

    I see on your blog you even take into account the size of the letters here on the comment block.
    My eyes are just one year older then yours. I just turned 61.

    I like your blog and your song. This is a subject that a lot of people has to deal with. I have relatively young kids. I became a mother at 40 and 41, so my kids are 21 and 19 now.

    I can so relate to losts of the things you wrote about yourself.

    I will sure come back and keep reading what you have to say on your blog.
    Hope to get to know you in the new future.
    How cool is this, You in New Zealand and I’m in the Netherlands and it looks like you’re telling the story of somebody living just an hour drive from me.
    All this because of Internet.

    Tweet with you on twitter. I just registered on Facebook too, but I havn’t have my full registration and don’t know how things are woking there. In due time I’ll invite you to join me on Facebook too.


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