Album Out At Last!

~  You’ve been waiting forever, and forever has arrived! Thanks for your extraordinary patience.  After ten years enjoying rewriting sprees & recording sessions, your ears, and even your toes, are about to be rewarded with some extraordinary songs.
~  Songs celebrating life’s crazy journey when sometimes we just have to laugh. Quirky rock tracks that dance the twilight away, and songs that replay moments we never forget.
~  Still Dancing, with its upbeat joyousness, is a breath of fresh air. New songs jumped into the album alongside some of the songs I wrote for my first band, ‘Baby Boomer Girl.’
~  These days, living out of the city,  I work with local musician and engineer, Stephen Poulton. Placing the lyrics prominently in the mix, across a wide variety of musical styles, we bring you the Magic & Mischief sound.
~  Still Dancing is on every kosha download & streaming site in the universe 🙂 Here are a few links to get you started. Enjoy, subscribe, & please spread the word!…


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3 responses to “Album Out At Last!

  1. Fantastic.
    Love the album cover too!!
    Nice work.

  2. Brenda

    So happy to see a post from your blog. im sure the album will be delightful.

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