A Body Like an Avatar Alien, part 2

Here it is!!! – my new Avatar body – not bad eh!

Now before you elaborate on the finer differences between me and the Navi Babe in part 1, realise we are on another planet. On Pandora, no way you would learn about slimming. The Navi eat plant-based wholefood. They put me in the picture, saying …

‘You skip through the forest collecting ripe treats here & there. It’s tempting to graze but you learn that food is actually precious. You gather & hunt for the whole family – none of this individual indulgence stuff. You take what you need and no more – no private pigging out! Anorexia? Bulimia? Obesity? – such diseases of ‘civilisation’ do not occur here’.  If your morning hunt takes all morning; what happened to breakfast? I wonder. They reply …

‘There’s plenty of pure water, and the Avatar Tea in your hunting pouch sports a little plant-milk; just enough protein to keep you going’. I tried it out. By midday I experienced a new feeling – hunger!!! What I used to call hunger was just my stomach digesting. Real hunger feels different – primal and healthy. It only occurs in waves every four to six daylight hours. The Navi explain that they still observe the ancient ways; the ancestors ate according to the sparse cycle of hunger – when and if there was food to go around.

So much for all the slimming tips and recipes we Earthlings secretly hoped to pick up during our Navi training! Evidently the apex of our induction has just been reached. We aimed, we fired and we’re on target. We now have the knowledge of how need to get a body like an Avatar Alien:  be active & eat healthy food in small amounts when you’re genuinely hungry, period. Back to Earth … Galump! As mother used to say “Give thanks”, “Eat your greens” and “Think of all the starving children.”

All your extra indulgences now go into the food bank trolley at the supermarket – lots of struggling families now. You tune into your body and find you’re gradually turning a rather triumphant shade of blue …


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13 responses to “A Body Like an Avatar Alien, part 2

  1. Janice

    That is so brave and brilliant! But I am probably the only person who hasn’t seen Avatar. However, the photo of you is better than a whole movie of blue people…?

  2. Kirby

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  3. There is nothing like being a grandparent. The next best thing is being in good enough shape to keep up with them.

    By-the-way, very interesting what Deana Wilmink-Martina had to say.

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  5. Just how do you stop yourself from eating past the point where you know your body has had enough, and will be satisfied? The food tastes so good, and you can still fit more in…. Stopping at that moment is something I have got a long way to go before anywhere near mastering it on a consistent basis!

  6. Brenda

    When I grew up in Canada, we had to finish our plates because of all the starting children in China. As far as I was concerned, they could put the beets, liver, kippers, cabbage and kidneys on a slow boat and send it there.

    So…here I sit having consumed three fabulous, moist, delectable chocolate chip cookies. The chocolate chips came from free range brown cows, the sugar was from a fair trade deal with Trinidadian women, the butter was from a Hutterite co-0p from cows that are handmilked and live an idylic life. Last, but not least, the flour was hand ground by a lovely Mennonite woman whose farm is still run by horses – she manages to support her family of 14 children through her flour and the quilts she makes in the winter.

    Truth be told, I pick up a bag of processed cookies at the grocery store which I drove to for 1 item. But I did take my own carry bag…so that has to count for something. I fell off the wagon…it’s true. I will be better tomorrow, at least that’s what I promise myself. Habits are so hard to break.

    You do look wonderful and sleek in blue!

    • Ha! You totally hooked me with that middle paragraph 🙂 PC cookies are every bit as fattening! I haven’t shed any more kilos, but haven’t put the couple I lost back on so that is good enough for now – it all goes in cycles – we’ll get there – at least there’s a wagon to climb back on. Deana’s response, below, reminded me that the wagon is not there for those being raised in poverty.

  7. You can say that again Radha, not bad at all. You do look great.
    I really enjoyed this post because I can so relate to the content.
    Having some overweight myself to get rid of.
    Lately I sometimes recognize the feeling you’re talking about here, I knew that feeling as a child and when I was younger and I also hear my stomach rumbling and I know that feeling again, we call “hunger”.

    What I understand is that it’s better to take small bites of good foods a few times a day, keep the the stomach in digestion mode as you called it.

    I don’t have tips but I can mention some foods I think are good foods.
    As you mentioned the greens and fruits. Especially foods which come straight from the soil, not processed on,and from the trees.
    Carrorts, potatoes, tomatoes, banana, leek, union, garlic, raisins,
    lentils, bran all kinds of beens and peas and butter-beans. And from what I understand turmeric is one of the best herb spice there is.

    • Thanks for taking time to contribute a big chunk for us to consider! Do mothers in Holland say “Eat your greens” and “Think of all the starving children” ? Or was that just my generation … ?

      • I don’t know if mothers in Holland do say “Eat your greens”and “Think of all the starving children”. I did, when my kids were younger. But I grew up in an orphanage, I grew up on an Island where there is real poverty next to people living in great abundance.My kids didn’t, they’re born in Holland and grew up in relative abundance.

        I only permitted them to have two things at the time, they didn’t wanted to eat and we never put that in front of them. They were allowed to change these along the way. I really don’t know what other mothers do.

        We wanted our kids to grow up knowing different kind of taste and foods.

        Don’t forget I’m of the same generation as you, Radha. I’m also a Baby Boomer, but don’t have grandchildren yet. Most mothers of my generation do have grandchildren.

      • Thanks Deana – you are living an inspiring life. Great to get a feel for each other’s parenting styles too.

        Re being a grandparent, actually most of my friends don’t have grandchildren yet – our kids are not starting families until well into their 30s. I was lucky my granddaughter came along unexpectedly early!

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