Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Deep_&_Meaningluls You might recall that old song. I happily boomed it out in full voice years ago at family sing-alongs. The words didn’t mean a thing way back then. I didn’t have a clue what is was like to break up. Innocent me.

The recording rattled out on the radio the other day, and for the first time I actually thought about those quaint old lyrics and the painful break-ups we experience along love’s way. The message stood out in contrast to this special time of the year when life is bustling and family and friends are planning happy get-togethers. What if you can’t get together with the one you love?  You recently broke up. It’s hard to be all merry and cheery when Santa and baby Jesus’ time of joy is being trumpeted at full volume and everyone is smiling and opening presents. My heart is going out to you, big time, right now, and I wrote you a song.  I hope it will be a small gift with it’s own message of hope to help you through.

Many of us know what parting is like – it isn’t easy. If, like me nowadays, you are happy and you know it, you’re likely to know someone who is not.  If you think this new ‘breaking up is hard to do’ song will touch their hearts and help them through, then please send them a link to this page. We are all connected. I love you.

More Love

Two hearts beating as one – that’s how it seemed to be
Suddenly you’re breaking up. It’s hard, and hard to believe
You thought alike, or so you thought, then a rift began to show
Now you’re drifting poles apart
From a soul you hardly know

When do you sing your own song? How can you cross the sea?
When do you give up hope that things could change if only …
Letting go is hard, I know. You lie awake in the dark
The tears fall. You gave your all
You got so much love in your heart

You got more love, much more love to give
You got more life, much more life to live
You’re grieving, I know. Keep believing in yourself
I can’t help feeling
You got more love tomorrow to receive
More love

In times gone by we found a mate and gave ourselves away
Our hearts could break only once
And if they did, they had to stay that way
But these days life is kinder – we can find ourselves again
You would say to me, I know
So I say, beautiful friend

You got more love, much more love to give
More life, much more life to live
You’re grieving, I know. Keep believing in yourself
I can’t help feeling
You got more love tomorrow to receive
Hang on in there, there’s more love to receive
More love, more love

© 2012 Radha Sahar

More Love – free download lyrics



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2 responses to “Breaking Up is Hard to Do

  1. Thanks Josie – good to think it will be out there for people in their hard times. And all the best to you too.

  2. Hi Radha,
    Thanks so much darlin’ for this touching poem. I’ve recently had some old friends who’ve been going through a bad patch and will send this their way. Good stuff!
    Hope you and yours have a wonderful and safe holiday.

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