Bloke with a Shed

I wrote this song when I first met Charles. And at last the track is ready to mix!  Steve Poulton’s playful instrumentation includes, yes …  the screw gun. And here’s a pic, (in case, like me, you hadn’t seen one before 🙂 )
Bloke with a Shed
I’m a savvy woman who likes to bed
An intelligent man – well bred
A creative type, artistically inclined
With a studio workshop of some kind
Yeah, maybe a bloke with a shed?

Hey wood-worker man! – you look the part
You can fix a fence and a broken heart
I like your shed, yeah, very nice
Look at that bench that buzzer, that vice
That welder – we could spark!

You’re a real bloke with power tools
Y’ gotta skill saw, drill press, very cool
Y’ gotta band saw, grinder, sander – geez, your
Power tools make me weak at the knees!
Y’ gotta nail gun, wow!  And I have to say
That screw gun honey, blows me away
Makes a gal so easily led
Lusting for a bloke – a bloke with a shed

Y’ got so much stuff that just might prove
To be handy one day, y’ cannot move
For number 8 wire, bolts & dust
Oily rags, car parts and rust
Old timber, wing nuts & glue  

This shed is such an awesome place
A heritage spot, a sacred space
You could open it up for public viewing
Earn a fortune while you’re – knitting
(But I see that look on your face …)

You’re just you – don’t realise
How attractive you are as the varnish dries
What is this? Is this for me?
Will I be your girl? Certainly!  Woah!

Y’ gotta nail gun, wow!  And I have to say
That screw gun honey, blows me away
Happy ending! Paint the town red to
Show how much I lust ya, my bloke with a shed!
My bloke with a shed!








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