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Behind the scenes as singer/songwriter, Baby Boomer Girl, writes & records her latest album.

Album Out At Last!

~  You’ve been waiting forever, and forever has arrived! Thanks for your extraordinary patience.  After ten years enjoying rewriting sprees & recording sessions, your ears, and even your toes, are about to be rewarded with some extraordinary songs.
~  Songs celebrating life’s crazy journey when sometimes we just have to laugh. Quirky rock tracks that dance the twilight away, and songs that replay moments we never forget.
~  Still Dancing, with its upbeat joyousness, is a breath of fresh air. New songs jumped into the album alongside some of the songs I wrote for my first band, ‘Baby Boomer Girl.’
~  These days, living out of the city,  I work with local musician and engineer, Stephen Poulton. Placing the lyrics prominently in the mix, across a wide variety of musical styles, we bring you the Magic & Mischief sound.
~  Still Dancing is on every kosha download & streaming site in the universe 🙂 Here are a few links to get you started. Enjoy, subscribe, & please spread the word!…


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Still Dancing

You’re not a dancer – but a quirky rhythm sometimes compels you to cavort? We’re on the same dance sheet then. And Still Dancing, my new album, is likely to get you laughing and celebrating the later stages of life as you rock with the beat.

Yes! The album is almost finished! Truly! After being a loyal follower of this site, patiently waiting for the album for the past decade, you must be saying, ‘Oh Yeah? Believe it when I see it and hear it.’ Let me reassure you. All the tracks bar one are now mixed and in the mastering engineer’s bin. When Lockdown is lifted, we’ll be completing the last beautifully crafted track, sorting the cover design and lining up the release date … after several years of weekly studio sessions; good things take time!

Working with award-winning sound engineer, Stephen Poulton is fantastic. He’s a stunning guitarist who is tuned into the finer details needed to develop a meaningful emotional journey in a song or arrangement. So I love working with him; musically, we’re on the same wavelength, as they say.

My songs cross many genres, and every track we do has a unique sound and feel, heightened by the talented musicians in Magic & Mischief. We’re mainly a studio band, but occasionally we play live. Meanwhile, here’s the lyrics of the title song.

Still Dancing

She brings sweet love baked in cake tins
To the weavers’ community ball.
And flowers – those frilly fake ones,
To decorate the hall.
You can almost touch her excitement.
I can’t believe she’s 93!
As her partner invites her onto the floor,
She smiles and says to me …

‘The old gal’s still dancing,
High heart and low heels.’
Singing and laughing, how graceful she feels
Swaying a lifetime of love round the room.
The old gal’s still blooming, still romancing,
Still dancing.

Over supper she tells me, ‘Come visit,
For a chat. Love to see you again.
Number 7, just knock, I’ll be there- if I’m not
Living in memory lane!’ she laughs.

She says, ‘While your ticker’s still ticking,
You’ve got so much to offer this world.’
She tells me I’m just a spring chicken.
‘Cheer up, lass! Inside you’re still a girl.
Go play! Make the most of each moment.
go swirl that pretty blue dress!’
A quiet voice asks, ‘Are you up for a whirl?”
Tell myself as I say ‘yes’
The old gal’s still dancing …


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Do you ‘wear the uniform?’ Being such a sweaty colour, is black cool? What percentage of your wardrobe is black? And do you think Baby Boomer Girl looks slim in that black wig & Gothic getup? 🙂  Why not join her and rock along with the Black track on her Still Dancing album.

Black © Radha Sahar

Black as jet, black as night
Colour’s wrong, black is right
Black magic at witching hour
Black has balls. Black has power
Gothic girl, Dracula drools
Vampire black, very cool
A Mahler Symphony, a bouncer, a waiter
Not in black? Then see ya later

Black – makes your Guinness thicker
Black – woo! – the sexiest knickers!
Black –  makes you graduate prouder
Black –  makes your stereo louder
Black – makes you graduate prouder
Black Light – makes the dance floor shimmer
Black Tights – make your belly slimmer
Black Beans – make the vegans grin, and
Black  Teams – make the Kiwis win, Go
Silver Ferns, Black Caps, All Blacks!!!

I bet ya you have never seen
Johnny Cash or Iggy Pop in pink or green
Black riding boots. Black spinning vinyl
Black undertaker. Black is final
From top to toe in formals and burkas
The artists ‘n musos and office workers
Wear that black – It’s a guarantee
You’ll be taken seriously …

We buck the system, refuse to conform
But we choose to wear the uniform
A sea of people in the street
Black from their heads to their
Burdened urban feet …

Black – makes you’re Guiness thicker
Black – woo! the sexiest knickers! …
Go Silver Ferns, Black Caps, All Blacks!!!
Black!   Beautiful black!  Glorious black!
Victorious black!

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Warm Hearted Friends

Patricia & Radha chum BVsYou know the ones … who stick by you … who smile, hug and comfort you … I wrote this song to thank you. You’ll be able to hear it on my Love Me to Bits album. I was in full swing recording, when my dear, sweet, wonderful dad passed away.

I needed you then, friends, and you were there. I came to a grinding halt missing him … He sang in a choir. Music & humour spilled out of him constantly. I knew he’d want me to sing, to finish my album. That’s my warm hearted friend, Patricia with me in the photo. We’re about to sing together … Now the track is finally complete.

Nothing comes in ones … especially warm hearted friends – many of us are blessed to have many. Thank you all, dear friends in this world and the next …

Warm Hearted Friends
Sometimes I shiver on a cold winter’s day
Friends, when you’re around I never feel that way
Barely need the heater, forget to light the fire
You radiate such a great glow!

Thank you, my warm hearted friends
You light up my life, keep the sun shining through
Thank goodness for warm hearted friends
Warm hearted friends like you

You make the world a better place. I wanna do that too
To shine a light together – a little spark or two
Along with you I wanna do some good – is that naive?
You keep me believing that I can

Thank you, my warm hearted friends …

“My Goodness!” you say – and well you may;
Coz goodness is your middle name!
I know you’re sure to reply that we’re all good inside.
All the more reason for me to say …

Look around the room – we’re only here for a while
Time enough to give someone a hug or a smile
Time enough to thank someone for the little things they do
That is why I‘m here thanking you

Thank you, my warm hearted friends
You light up my life, keep the sun shining through
Thank goodness for warm hearted friends
Warm hearted friends like you

Warm Hearted Friends – Free download lyrics

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Happy Holidays & a Happy New Year

Here's to You

Smiling is a good idea; and feasting. You can never have too many songs that make you smile, and feasts that make you feisty. And those of us keen on events that embrace people of many persuasions reckon we could do with a few new ‘traditional’ songs, (oxymoron I know, but every trad song had to be raised aloft for heaven’s judgement at some teetering point in time …) So I wrote this little one in the spirit of inclusion for the ‘festive season’.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

Peace and love to you as the year draws to an end
Many happy times with family and friends
Sit back and relax, celebrate and cheer
“Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!”

We can celebrate special days and times
In so many ways, and maybe we will find
Good in everyone, kindness everywhere
Happy holidays and a happy new year. (Yeah!)
“Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!”


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Light of Love

SettingSun Mar10  Ever wonder how there are so many love songs out there, yet people keep writing more? Surely we’ll reach saturation point? … run out of ideas or melodies one day? But love keeps on singing … And if you’re lucky, sometimes a beautiful new love song bursts forth.

Every time I write a love song I hope it’s my ‘golden’ one … a timeless song. People tell me this one is … and the sing the chorus with me, thinking of someone close …

Light of Love

If I couldn’t see you in the light of the moon
Or the glow of the stars in the Milky Way above
If I couldn’t see you even in the brightest sun at noon
I would still see you

In the light of love, see you in the light of love
In the light of love, see you in the light of love

If you forget to brush your hair or you wear those funny shoes
If you don’t understand my feelings when the going’s rough
If you leave your dirty clothes and stuff across the bathroom floor
You’re beautiful. And I can only see you
In the light of love, see you in the light of love …

Don’t tend to see crazy me in an aura so bright
I go too far, don’t go far enough, can’t seem to get the balance right
Then you come along with your great big heart, embracing all that stuff
Thank you for seeing me in the light of love

When we cannot see each other in the light of the moon
Or the glow of the stars in the Milky Way above
When we can’t see each other even in the brightest sun at noon
I will still see you, you will still see me
We will be together

In the light of love, see you in the light of love
In the light of love, see you in the light of love

Light of Love Free download lyrics


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Songline Running

You’re a creative type? Love the buzz of that busy mind bursting forth new ideas? Of course! There’s only one little hiccup; a bug in the cranial software. It’s called ‘conscience’.

This little pest insists on telling you you should be exercising (just when you thought you’d mastered the fabulously healthy skill of dismissing all ‘shoulds’).  It gnaws at you with the ‘exercise’ message, ensuring you faintly recall a virtuous feeling you had when you did some years ago. But a huge groan keeps pace with conscience, fuelling an ongoing battle for songwriters like me, who are notorious for not exercising anything other than the mind. Until now.

Today,  a new sport, Songline Running, invented itself. And it’s not the regular sport of running with headphones on.  It goes like this:

You take up Songline Running, (having a name for something always helps).  In your first session, totally new, (and, you tell yourself, ‘vastly better’), songlines run through your mind as you run – (and, you tell yourself, this is the only way they come in at this level). Even miniature runs yield this quality of creative occurrences.  I call my miniature runs ‘shuffles’ …

Then follows the best bit. You treat yourself with the well deserved REWARD – (you might need to picture the reward before you begin, to get you out the door in the first place). And the reward is? Vastly better songlines of course, (or poetry if you’re a poet, novel ideas if you’re a novelist, and so on). You get to slam all that breakthrough, higher level brilliance into your songwriting software the moment you get home. Athletes call this a ‘warm down’ – you see them stretching in all sorts of gangly poses after the run. But for we ‘arteests’ the best ‘warm down’ is to ‘get it down’ … I’ve just completed my first Songline Run and I couldn’t wait to tell you!  I’m FULL of world-shattering new ideas.

Next time I post a song, you’ll be so impressed you’ll immediately take up the sport yourself, (that is, unless you’re already impressed with this triumphant little article, in which case, you’ll take up the sport now). OK. I’ve warmed down getting this all down. And I’ve popped those gorgeous new lines into my songwriting software, which I reckon is thanking me. Now it’s time for brekkies.


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May as well Laugh!

1. Dare I mention wrinkles? … waves of skin falling over skin?
2. Do you feel younger in ‘hide-the-evidence’ clothing?
3. Is your mental composure lost at the look of your anatomy while engaging in a forward bend?

Having answered yes to the above, I had to do something about it. I tried the gym … and lasted about two minutes. Then, breakthrough … a way to get my stubbornly sagging biceps to actual lift off point. This song, on my Still Dancing album, does the trick!


Good old Newton had a flash
Evolved the idea, gave it a bash
Wrote it on paper for all to see
And now we have the theory of gravity
What was firm is not so sound
What stayed up must come down
Look at great grandma and you will see
The long term effect of gravity!

Gravity, gravity
It’s all happening to you & me
We take it all so seriously
May as well laugh at gravity

What was tight is growing slack. You want your youthful figure back
But a face lift’s just a bit of messing around
When even your internals are falling down!
That’s nature – It’s all fine. She gave the solution
It’s in the mind. Forget the lines, and sing with me
May as well laugh at gravity

Gravity, gravity – It’s all happening to you & me …

But Newton’s in a grave situation
Physicists across the nation say
Our subatomic essence is totally free
Beyond the pull of gravity!

Quantum physics says your face consists of little – mainly space
Celebrate! It could be worse – Our essence is the universe!
So why not entertain this truth
And drink from the quantum fountain of youth?
You’re beautiful! Set yourself free!
May as well laugh at gravity.

Gravity, gravity, it’s all happening to you & me
We take it all so seriously
May as well laugh at gravity

© Radha Sahar, February 2009

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Paws … Pause

BoomerAgeI like using humour when it comes to ‘don’t mention it’ aspects of being a woman at the esteemed ‘mature & wise’ stage of life … Enjoy!

© 2013 Radha Sahar

Women, they say, are like a book
Hard to read but it’s easy to look
They might dress up in leopard skin tights
They’re animal types
When they set their sights on you

They’re either apples, bananas or pears
But I say women are cuddly bears
They might dress down for menial chores
But love’s in store
When they wrap their paws around you

Now it’s time to pause
For more than a cup of tea
Yes it’s time to pause babe, and
Wrap your paws, your pretty paws around me!

Women are beautiful at every age
Even at the ‘don’t mention it’ stage
When we mention being very wise
Life brings many blessings in disguise

Now it’s time to  pause …

Women turn up with plates of food
Often in a playful mood
Wild cats or quiet birds in the nest
You are blessed
Coz they give their best to you

Now it’s time to pause
For more than a cup of tea
It’s time to pause, and
Wrap your paws, your pretty paws around me!


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A New Woman on the Honours List

What woman would you nominate for the Anchorstone & Star award? No doubt you’ve several in mind. Tell us a little about those special women – we can’t wait to hear about them!

Anchorstone & Star

Do you want to hear a picture of a walking inspiration?
She’s an open invitation to a heart that looks to love
She embodies truth and style. She is solid gold, she’s wild
She’s the quintessential woman, aunt or mother, loyal friend

You know when she’s around as faces light up everywhere
She has a place for everyone. Everyone has a place for her
When she wraps her warmth around you, you never want to leave. Her
Belly laugh is rolling thunder, casual chat a summer breeze

Yes, lovely lady, I’m talking about you
Trumpeting your praises – the whole country should be too
Awarding you a gong for how remarkable you are!
In our honours list you’ve won the Anchorstone & Star

You have a certain style – sort of ‘humble universal’
Embracing every goddamn soul and showing them you care
I cannot put my finger on what it is about you
It’s a privilege to know you, and a treat to have you near
Yes, lovely lady …

You have so much to teach me that I cannot find in writing
And I get it by osmosis over fresh date scones and tea
You’re relaxed & grounded, cruising through a list that’s overflowing
That reminds me, time is going. Friends! Your attention please …

If this song is pretty it’s her beauty – I’m in debt to her and
Call on you to call her name out loud, applaud and cheer
She says she’s just an ordinary person. We know better
She’s a winner, and we wish her her own stone & starbright year
Yes, lovely lady …


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