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Happy Holidays & a Happy New Year

Here's to You

Smiling is a good idea; and feasting. You can never have too many songs that make you smile, and feasts that make you feisty. And those of us keen on events that embrace people of many persuasions reckon we could do with a few new ‘traditional’ songs, (oxymoron I know, but every trad song had to be raised aloft for heaven’s judgement at some teetering point in time …) So I wrote this little one in the spirit of inclusion for the ‘festive season’.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

Peace and love to you as the year draws to an end
Many happy times with family and friends
Sit back and relax, celebrate and cheer
“Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!”

We can celebrate special days and times
In so many ways, and maybe we will find
Good in everyone, kindness everywhere
Happy holidays and a happy new year. (Yeah!)
“Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!”


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