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Happy Holidays & a Happy New Year

Here's to You


Smiling is a good idea; and feasting. You can never have too many songs that make you smile …  and feasts that make you feisty! So I wrote a happy little song for the ‘festive season’. Next thing I found my husband singing it, (tho he swears he cannot sing). So I reckon it must be a goodie! I’ve sent it to Radio New Zealand and hope they’re going to play it to you over the next week or two. Let me know if you hear it. And especially if you find yourself singing along!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

Peace and love to you as the year draws to an end
Many happy times with family and friends
Sit back and relax, celebrate and cheer
“Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!”

Many ways to celebrate special days and times
Many ways to gather, many ways to find that
One love that gifts us peacefulness and cheer,
Happy holidays and a happy new year. (Yeah!)
“Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!”

Click here for the Happy Holidays & a Happy New Year score
(just a simple melody line and chords). I wrote it in the key of C, to make it easy for most people to sing and play, including on ukulele. But my voice is not so ‘most people’ so I recorded it in A – version in C to come hopefully next year.

Special thanks to Steve Poulton, sound engineer and guitarist extrordinaire, for recording it and playing bass, and the lovely, tropical guitar licks .



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