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Paws … Pause

BoomerAgeI like using humour when it comes to ‘don’t mention it’ aspects of being a woman at the esteemed ‘mature & wise’ stage of life … Enjoy!

© 2013 Radha Sahar

Women, they say, are like a book
Hard to read but it’s easy to look
They might dress up in leopard skin tights
They’re animal types
When they set their sights on you

They’re either apples, bananas or pears
But I say women are cuddly bears
They might dress down for menial chores
But love’s in store
When they wrap their paws around you

Now it’s time to pause
For more than a cup of tea
Yes it’s time to pause babe, and
Wrap your paws, your pretty paws around me!

Women are beautiful at every age
Even at the ‘don’t mention it’ stage
When roller-coaster moods subside
They’re free! They find that that pause
Makes them wise – very wise!

Now it’s time to  pause …

Women turn up with plates of food
Often in a playful mood
Wild cats or quiet birds in the nest
You are blessed
Coz they give their best to you

Now it’s time to pause
For more than a cup of tea
It’s time to pause, and
Wrap your paws, your pretty paws around me!

Paws – pause to download the lyrics


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Woody Allen Wishes

It’s that time of the year when we all start clowning around in celebratory mood, sending each other cards  & wishes, and stocking up the pantry with all sorts of goodies (and badies!). Bars and restaurants boom with end-of-year work functions, and life just speeds up …  Perhaps we’ll reach a velocity where Woody’s wishes will come true?   Thanks Louise for emailing me this with your smiles for the silly-season.  I pass them on to all my blog-reading friends – look forward to seeing you all in the ultimate BOOM – the big bang!

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Senior Moments?

Baby Boomer Girl 087 Dunno ’bout you, but remembering how much I forget things, I remembered to write a song about forgetting.  We don’t have ‘senior moments’ do we! – Nah!  It’s the world that’s the problem – too fast a pace.  With our social networks expanding to global proportions, how can we be expected to remember everyones’ name? – let alone where we put our glasses …

I Won’t Forget You
© Radha Sahar, September 2009

I forgot my list. I forgot my phone
So I can’t call & tell you I’ll be late comin’ home
I forgot and locked my keys in the car
I know I’m crazy, but there you are …

I forgot Mark’s birthday, forgot his wife’s name
I’ve known them for years – how could I? Shame!
I forgot my password – don’t have a clue
But I tell ya baby – I won’t forget you

You’re in my mind, you are all I see
You’re in my heart, you’re a part of me
You’re stored in my aura
I love ya through and through
I won’t forget you

I forgot the stove was still on high
The meal’s burnt – hope it’s not on fire!
I forgot the time. It worries me, true
But I tell ya baby – I won’t forget you

You forgot our anniversary – that’s hard to forget
My memory’s selective I suppose, and yet
I forgot to forgive you – when push comes to shove
I’ll forget I forgot, so don’t worry love

I forgot the shopping, honey, then at dinner
I forgot my resolve – let’s forget being thinner!
Let’s forget to remember all the things we have to do
As I show you baby how I won’t forget you

Free download – I_Won’t_Forget_You_lyrics


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I’m a Boomer not a Senior!


About time I posted some of my song lyrics, eh …
Here’s one I wrote after recovering from shock at being asked at the ticket-booth,  “Are you a senior?”  That life-changing experience was in the merry month of May… I’m totally keeping on top of re-henna-ing my hair since then and luckily no one has dared ask me that question again!

R u a Senior?
© 2009, Radha Sahar

Got a new outfit – hotpants and tights
My honey says “You look sexy tonight”
We go to the movies – high, on a roll
The ticket-booth girl thinks I’m not a young doll
She says

“R U a Senior?”  Hell – what a shock!
Maybe I am, and maybe I’m not
Am I a Senior? Is she deranged?
I’m thirty inside! There’s no way I’ve changed!

I must’ve looked pale. I almost dropped dead
I couldn’t believe what that ticket-girl said
She was just being kind as a discount applied
But not enough to restore my pride

R U a Senior? I can’t believe
I look like a pensioner!  I am so peeved
My man sees me flinch. I’m tense, on my guard
He graciously flashes the requisite card

The discount placates me – a bit of a laugh
But really, these places should train all their staff
To protect people’s egos. ‘Adult’ sounds right
Identify Seniors by card, not by sight

R U a Senior? Runs through my head
A mind-numbing mantra – a question I dread
Am I a Senior seniỏr, or a girl?
I’ll happily settle for the best of both worlds:
A playfully cheeky, eccentric, young crank
One you cannot cross, coz she can pull rank!

Free Download – R U a Senior? Lyrics


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