Fun in the studio

David Radha & Geoff

NOVEMBER: The single is out – yey! I can’t wait to get onto the next one; I’m working on chord charts for all my songs in preparation, as I’m not sure what song we’ll tackle next … 

Working on kids songs in the studio at present, plus composing and recording some songs to help children learn to read.

Here’s  David Antony Clark (left), sound engineer, Geoff Duncan and your truly. Geoff is about to launch power-chord land on electric guitar –   Geoff, you’re great! And so is Evan Williams, our wonderful drummer.  Thanks guys!


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10 responses to “Fun in the studio

  1. Louise Wallace

    I have been lucky enough to hear a demo of Baby Boomer Girl. Fantastic song and great to dance too!
    Can’t wait for the CD to be released and to hear the band live.
    Rock on Radha !!!!!!

  2. Angevahn

    Delighted to be invited to your blog Radha and so pleased you are getting close to letting us all hear these songs you were so excited about at WOMAD! I look forward to it all unfolding! (and how was the big birthday???)


  3. Cuz Marg

    Fabulous, I have past this on to my many ‘senior’
    friends. The lyrics are soo good.
    You are awfully clever!

  4. Lesley

    LOVE your site Radha. I’ve subscribed so that I don’t miss a thing! You’ve inspired me and I’m passing this on to all my baby boomer friends. Love ya gal xxxxx

  5. Ah! Still to do the final mix – will splash the news here in the blog when it is posted on my My Space site – and maybe I can put it here too – will look into it.

  6. I can’t find where to listen to the song… can I do that through this page?

  7. Thanks Charles – yes, it’s my ‘signature’ track. Glad u like it.

  8. Charles

    I’ve been privileged to hear a demo version – it is a great song and will make a superb main track on a great album!

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